About inphic

    Founded in 1993, inphic Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded by China's first top team engaged in the research and development of digital audio and video products. It not only has a stable customer base in the domestic market, but also successfully expands overseas markets. At present, inphic is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of intelligent products such as mouse, smart webcam, TV box, earphone, smart bracelet and VR.

   In the process of development, inphic created an IP – “A little better”. It conveys inphic's “simple, focused” brand philosophy. Simplicity refers to focusing on the essence of products, not blindly pursuing speciality, and satisfying the rigid needs of consumers. Focusing refers to the essence of product development and brand operation, and strives to bring "popularization" of exquisite living hardware to consumers.

The IP of A little better contains five character traits, namely:
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