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V780 wireless mouse and keyboard combo


Main features:

1. 2.4G Wireless Connection: The wireless technology lets you get rid of messy data lines and make your desktop looks clean and tidy. A tiny USB nano receiver connects both keyboard and mouse with a range of up to 10m, ensuring signal stability while saving more USB ports. Support Play and Plug, no driver required, just plug it into a USB port and you are ready to go.
2. Rechargeable & Energy Saving: Built-in UPDATED high capacity Li-Polymer battery,once charged for up to 3-month use, easy to charge through micro USB cable (Approx. 2-hour full), no longer need to replace the battery. Both of the wireless mouse and keyboard combo will enter into sleep mode automatically after 8 minites of inactivity, plus, there is on-off switch on both of the mouse and keyboard for more energy saving.

3. 3 DPI Adjustable and 12 multimedia keys: 3 DPI switches (1000/1200/1600) change the speed of the optical mouse freely, quicker response, smoother tracking on a wide range of surface. The 12 multimedia keys on the keyboard give you instant access to your favourite multimedia options, music, media, internet, e-mail and more. Save your time and improve efficiency. Ideal for home, office and game.

4. Noiseless Click: The inphic silent mouse adopt advanced sensor provides noiseless clicks, and our mouse button's percussion sound is much smaller than the normal keyboard, the silent keyboard and mouse design is perfect for public place like libraries, dormitories, offices and any other occasions you do not want to disturb others.

5. Ultra Slim and Care-free Warranty: Compared with other wireless mouse and keyboard set, our design is thinner, more elegent and more portable. With metal drawing process, the touch feeling of our mouse and keyboard is more extraordinary. We guarranted 45 days money-back, 6 monthes replacement and life-time customer support.

As you know the main features above.

What kind of person needs such a keyboard and mouse combo?

If you travel a lot of work and are not used to changing equipment, then you are well suited to buy a set of keyboard and mouse sets, because its size and weight are just small and light. An ordinary backpack can hold the entire suit.

The second group of people is does not like the keyboard that comes with the notebook. The keyboard feel of many notebooks is not very good, and the mouse will not be equipped. Users who are uncomfortable with the status quo will always search the network for different types of keyboards. Once the size of the keyboard is large, the first is the area, and the second is not convenient to carry.

What can the V780 bring to you?
If you don't want to be tied, then you need a wireless mouse and keyboard. The simple and clean configuration is the pursuit of many people. The rechargeable design just puts aside the long cable and frees his charm.

The fun of cost-effective. The general keyboard and mouse set is slightly more expensive or has no advantage in size. The V780 balances the two and is the best cost-effective option.


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