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Event:Sign up and be our member!

Prize Settings

There will be many lucky participants gain an opportunity to be the member.



1. The participants should know and agree to produce a review of their prize if they are one of the lucky participants. review should be honest.
Deadline: 2019.03.1.
Sending to:

                                          [email protected]

2. Inphic have the usage rights for all lucky participants’ review(including videos,pics and words). All lucky participants who submit the evaluation videos on time can get global platform promotion by inphic. Including:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

3. Superior reviewer may receive the long-term cooperation opportunity, the priority to use and experience our new products in 2019.


How to participate?


1. Follow @INPHIC.LIFE on Facebook.

2. Register a member account on our official website

3. We will contact you through the email .


Event Time(EST)


· Event Timeline:2019.01.18——2019.03.01

More Information

· Email: [email protected]



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